Climate Change Liability

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Guest lecture Prof. Marc Loth

This week Marc Loth, Professor of Tort Law at Tilburg Law School, offers his account of the development of climate change liability. Climate change indeed is one of the global challenges for tort law.

While in the US several of such liability claims were brought to the courts,they all have failed. At a moment when everyone in favor of climate change liability had almost lost hope, the District Court of The Hague sustained a climate change liability claim in the so-called Urgenda ruling.

In this lecture the Urgenda ruling will be discussed in detail. The doctrines of wrongfulness, state liability, causation, and admissibility, will be on the agenda. It is interesting to examine why similar claims in the US have failed, and this claim in the Netherlands did succeed. Is it that the Dutch court is more activistic than its American predecessors?

Tort Law for Global Law Bachelor students – Thursday, May 4th at 8.45 AM (Room CZ 007)

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